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Options for Compressed Air Piping System


When it comes to compressed air piping systems you have many options. In this article, we'll be discussing the advantages and disadvantages of what's currently available. 


Copper piping has been commonly used for decades and is clean, and durable. The disadvantages are the high cost of materials, and installation time involved with cutting, prepping, and brazing.

Black Iron

Black Iron pipe is a robust system that is assembled with threaded connections or welded. Installation can be challenging due to the requirement to cut and thread each piece. Black Iron systems will also require filtration at every point of use as the pipe rusts over time and flakes off into the air-stream. Iron pipe will also slowly constrict over time as rust builds up on the interior walls of the pipe. 


Aluminum piping systems have started to dominate all new compressed air system installations due to their relatively low material cost and ease of installation. The piping is lighter and easier to handle than other options and can be easily reconfigured. 

Flexible Piping Systems

New systems have emerged in the last ten years that use compression fittings and flexible nylon composite hose. These systems are perfect when speed and ease of installation are top priority.